A Look Inside the Leaders from the Kitchen Cookbook

By Sarah Sumadi

The Leaders from the Kitchen Cookbook is on sale now! Two years ago, putting this book together seemed like a Herculean feat – our team members live in Chicago, Wisconsin, Belize, Nicaragua and Argentina. We coordinated the recipe testing, translation, editing, design, publishing and distribution through Gmail, Skype and the occasional Google Hangout. Our humble hope is that you enjoy the finished product as much as we do! We wanted to share with you a brief peek inside the cookbook. You can also do the official “Look Inside” via Amazon here. Leaders from the Kitchen collects stories and recipes from women all over Belize and Nicaragua. Besides being incredible cooks, what do these women have in common? They’re leaders in their communities. They’ve started their own entrepreneurial endeavors, great and small. And they support women like them develop their skills, become independent and support their families. Anyone who’s traveled to Nicaragua and Belize will tell you that the cuisine is delicious. Whether in a renowned restaurant like Doña Pinita’s, or over an open flame in Debora’s backyard, the rich flavors are undeniable. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a cookbook in the U.S. to make those recipes – until now. Through this book, you’ll get to know these women through their stories and recipes, learn a little bit about Nicaraguan and Belizean culture, and discover ways you can help support women leaders.

The book's cover.

The book’s cover.

Our goal was two-fold: To celebrate women leaders and entrepreneurs in Belize and Nicaragua, and bring readers recipes and stories from this region. We wanted to give some local context to our recipes first, so we first give readers a taste of both countries’ culture, geography, and socioeconomic issues.

You'll get a taste of how culinary traditions developed in each country.

You’ll get a taste of how culinary traditions developed in each country.

The book has six sections of recipes – Breakfasts, Starters and Snacks, Soups and Stews, Salads and Sides, Dinners, and Desserts and Drinks. Many recipes feature traditional staple foods, like yucca, papaya, plantains and spices like achiote.

Recipes title page

Making your own handmade Belizean chicken tamales is easier than you think!

You’ll get to know the woman behind each unique recipe, and learn about the incredible things she’s doing for her community. Indira Bartley, pictured here, started a sewing cooperative in her neighborhood in Belize City.

Fried plantains

Indira’s fried plantain chips are famous in her Belize City neighborhood – as is the successful sewing cooperative she started among area women.

Finally, you can learn more about the four beneficiary organizations, and how they’re helping women develop new skills, leadership and greater economic independence. 100% of sales profits will go back to these four organizations who support women in Managua and Bluefields, Nicaragua, and Belize City and Progresso, Belize.

The Fabretto Children's foundation runs a number of programs in Nicaragua, including family nutrition programs and a jewelry cooperative that trains and employs low-income women.

The Fabretto Children’s Foundation runs a number of programs in Nicaragua, including family nutrition programs and the NicaHOPE jewelry cooperative that trains and employs low-income women.

Thanks for reading! You can check out all 46 recipes and get to know all the Kitchen Leaders when you purchase your copy.

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