In Belize City, we dine…rain or shine!


While in Belize City, we had the opportunity to work with our project partner, Indira Bartley.  Indira started the Regina Martinez Foundation in Belize City to honor her mother’s lifelong activism, and works to transform the lives of the unemployed women in her community.  Indira introduced us to the women who will be profiled in our cookbook, and then graciously offered to host a potluck at her home! 

Despite the rain that began to pour minutes before we began to gather, the potluck was a huge success, and a reminder of the way in which Indira serves as an inspiration and symbol of hope for her community.  The rain continued to fall while women laughed and dined together on Belizean favorites like Hudut, Darasa and Pilau Rice.

Read more about Indira and the stories of the women in her community in our cookbook and try your hand at one of their delicious recipes!


Kitchen Leader Terese speaks outside her home in Belize City.


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