Taste the Flava!

We recently made a visit to Garifuna Flava, a family-owned Belizean restaurant located in Chicago’s Southwest side.  If you haven’t been here yet, you’re missing out on some delicious and authentic Caribbean cuisine prepared with lots of love by Yolanda, co-owner of the restaurant along with her husband, Rhodel.  Together, with their son, Hussein, this family makes the unique Caribbean, Latin and indigenous Garifuna flavors come alive in dishes like Conch Soup, Belizean Stew Chicken, and Panades.

See Garifuna Flava featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives.

Belizean stew chicken - yum!

Belizean stew chicken – yum!

We came to Garifuna Flava to work — and by work I really mean eat!  We sat down with Rhodel to learn more about the history of Garifuna Flava, as well as do some fact-checking and ingredient verification with a few of our Belizean recipes.  He was extremely helpful, and even offered to host a launch party for us (with music!) when our cookbook is printed.

More information on the party to come, but for now, do yourself a favor and get to Rhodel’s restaurant to taste the Flava.  http://www.garifunaflava.com/ (Make sure your volume is turned up!)


Panades, Garifuna Flava’s best seller and a Belizean favorite! Corn patties stuffed with hashed buffalo fish.


Conch Soup, served with rice and plantains


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