Coconut Water: Nectar of the Gods


One of our fantastic Bluefields hosts, Jelissa Pineda, took us on a site visit to her organization, which works to prevent, test, and educate local residents about HIV/AIDS. Their warm welcome included a tall drink of coconut water. Coconut water has been super hip amongst health nut and foodie circles in the US for the past few years, but as delicious as Vitacoco and other canned and carton brands are, there’s really nothing like tasting the water fresh from the fruit. When your Chicago constitution, built for weathering absolute zero, faces the sweltering heat and humidity of Nicaragua, coconut water is a life-saver. A nutritionist could tell you the exact health benefits of the water, its high electrolyte content and all that, but the bottom line is that this beverage will revive your wilted spirit. Bluefields’ coconuts even have a natural effervescence that other coconut waters lack, according to this humble and tropically-inexperienced palate.

Sidenote: How do crack a coconut? Why, with a machete, of course! Everywhere we went, folks seemed to have a machete at the ready. Very handy!
Did you know that coconuts grow on gnarly stems? I didn’t!

Coconut still life by our photojournalist extraordinaire, Megan Hryndza. While she took 1,001 photos of coconuts, I surreptitiously drank her coconut water!
See the bubbles? Champagne de Bluefields. Note the machete work in the background.
Bonus! There’s coconut meat to eat after you’ve gulped down all your coconut water!

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